Suede overknee

11:24 | 30 October, 2014

Som jag nämnde i det här inlägget har jag en stor crush på over knee boots just nu, och tänkte därför visa upp mitt senaste köp! Mjuka overknee boots i mocka med spetsig tå och ca 10 cm klackhöjd. Du hittar dom HÄR!

Translation: As I mention in this post, I really got a thing for over knee boots at the moment! Here is my latest purchase! Soft over knee boots in suede, with a 4″ high heel and a pointed toe. You’ll find them HERE!

Fanny Lyckman <3 Nike

12:04 | 29 October, 2014


Say hello to my other pair of new Nike ID shoes! I designed these at at the same time as my neon red/pink sneakers that I posted about HERE and HERE! The model is called Nike Hyperfuse and you can do your own customized sneakers in the same model HERE!

BTW! How awesome is my Nike-nails? 

#nooneinthecornerhasswaggerlikeme ;)



22:28 | 27 October, 2014


1. HERE   2. HERE   3. HERE    4. HERE    5. HERE   6. HERE   7. HERE

Got a huge crush on over knee boots this season! I already bought a pair (buy them HERE), and I’ll match them with long coats, fur, knitted sweaters and leather shorts! This pair is from Rebecca Stellas new collection for Nelly. You’ll find them HERE!

Good night from Helsinki

1:04 | 26 October, 2014

I’m so exhausted! My cold is a nightmare and I feel like its been forever, even though I know it just been a little more then a week. Puuh! I been spending the day in Helsinki, being the guest of honor attending Finlands Blog awards, and handing out the price to the winner of “Fashion blogger of the year”!

It’s been really fun and exiting to meet all the fans here. You are truly amazing! It was my first time in Finland (I think) and Helsinki is actually a very beautiful city. I’m not sure why I’m surprised but I is in only in a good way. I’m staying at a great hotel called GLO in the heart of the city, been eating a lot of great food and met so many nice people under my stay. Now it’s time to pack my bag and go to bed! My flight leaves Helsinki 09.30 tomorrow morning so I better get some sleep! Xx

coffee break

13:13 | 24 October, 2014


Photo: Madelen Holmström

Fur coat and shirt from Zara / Bag from Prada / Jeans from One teaspoon (HERE) / Shoes from Mango

Finns ett supermysigt café bara något kvarter från Cube-kontoret som heter Lilla P! Sprang förbi där när jag och Madde skulle fota av min outfit och bestämde oss för att knäppa några bilder på plats istället! Värdens godaste mackor och sallader så ett hett tips om ni befinner er nära  Östermalm/karlavägen/Humlegården är hungriga! Xx


Translation: Decided to shoot my outfit at one of my favorite cafe’s, called Lilla P, located just a block from our office at in Stockholm! Great sandwiches and sallad, so if your ever nearby I can highly recommend a visit! Xx

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