Bright White

14:45 | 24 May, 2015

I’m Wearing:

Cropped top:  Zara (old)

Pants:  Gina Tricot (coming soon)

Bag: Prada

Watch: Larsson & Jennings

Rings: H&M


These Pants though!? I love the fact that they are high wasted. Wide pants like this can really make you fel short and fat if you have curves, but with a high waist and a cropped top you can still create a tall and elegant look. Xx 

Grey zone

11:42 | 23 May, 2015

I’m Wearing:

Sweater as skirt: Zara

Sweater: Balzac Projects

Sneakers: Fila (HERE)

Shades: Le specs

My hangover is brutal, and I really think they should invent an alcohol test on snapchat. Drunk snappin, – not so goood! That said, I had the best time! Xx

Chanel & Lace up heels

22:45 | 20 May, 2015


Jeans: Chicy

Shoes: NLY shoes (similar HERE)

Top: NLY trend (HERE)

Coat: Gina Tricot

Bag: Chanel

Bracelet: Hermès


Another look from Paris! Love the ripped denim to the lace up heels!

Been hunting dresses all day for the King gala on friday, but haven’t had any luck. I have a back up plan of course, but I think I will keep looking tomorrow! Xx

That favorite bag

16:42 | 19 May, 2015

I love my my black Prada! Is a good quality bag, its the right shape, the right size and has all the right details. Yes, its that perfect bag, BUT, its a 2000 dollar bag. And yeah thats a lot of money for a lot of people. Guess what!

I found you the perfect alternative..

Its not Prada, but is pretty much the same size, same model same details and a good quality bag under 500 dollars!

You find it HERE!

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