His & Hers

20:10 | 21 October, 2014

How hot are these? I was sooo exited when the delivery guy showed up today,  jumping up and down like a little kid on christmas! I bought me and my boyfriend matching air max as a surprise gift! Matching couples are so cute, don’t you think? Hope he will love them as much as I do. Can’t wait for him to get home from the studio!! Xx <3

Timberland boots <3

14:15 | 20 October, 2014

Timberland premium 6!

True shoe love, and one of my best buy this season! Wear this beauties every other day, and I always feel sexy, comfy and chic all at once! You can find them HERE!

Ombre hair

18:49 | 18 October, 2014

Saturday evening, and I’m home sick with a cold! At least I hope thats all it is. I have such good flow right now with my workout routine so I really don’t want to get that out of balance.

Looked back in my archive and started to miss that Ombre hair I had in October 2 years ago. I remember that I didn’t like it that much when I had it but pictures really makes you sentimental. I’m done coloring because I know I’ll get bored after 2 weeks, and Its not good for the hair to bleach it over and over again, but it would be fun to find a color bomb or something similar that you can wash out, just to get one week in this look. If you have any tips, let me know! Xx

Brooklyn Dodgers

13:09 | 17 October, 2014

Photo: Madelen Holmström

Jacket from Majestic (HERE) / Jeans from Filippa K (HERE) / Bag from Zara / Shoes from Timberland (HERE)

FRIDAY! Wiho! This week has been a lot of work but also really fun! And now the best part; Still got the weekend left for my loved ones! <3 Just have to give an extra shout out to THIS amazing baseball jacket and my TIMB’S that I wear almost every day! Best buy this fall!

Happy friday!! Xx

And back to the original

19:38 | 15 October, 2014


Photo: Madelen Holström

Coat from Blac Ivy (HERE) / Sweater from Chanel / Leather T-shirt from Blac Ivy (HERE) / Knee socks from MISBHV / Boots from Timberlands (HERE)

Nu är pressdagarna över och jag är helt slut. Har kört så hårt med träning, kost och jobb på senaste att jag skulle behöva ett 24h sovmaraton. Har varit sämst på att svara på kommentarer de senaste dagarna så tänkte köra ett race i kväll!

I morgon kommer jag att slänga upp en grym tävling på instagram där ni kan vinna jackan/kappan från Blac Ivy som jag har på mig på bilderna! Sjukt snygg på både killar och tjejer! Har själv en XS då det är unisex strl. Håll utkik efter det i morgon alltså på @fannylyckman och @blacivy!!! Xx


Translation: Press days are over and I’m totally exhausted! I’ve been so busy with work, eating right, exercising every day that I feel like a 24h sleep maraton would be a dream come true right now. I haven’t been the best on answering your comments lately either but I’m on it!

This coat from Blac Ivy is one of my favorites, and tomorrow you’ll have the chance to get one for free! Find out how on @fannylyckman or @blacivy tomorrow! Xx

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